Pillar Mortgage Corp. (PMC) - Capital Advisory Firm 
Established in 1995
By Current President & Chairman
Siva Pillarisetty
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In 2008 after the market crashed, I pretty much left the financial services industry, but have maintained my corporation in good standing. From time to time I do look at business opportunities, maintained my web site, contacts, investors, etc. 

Pillar Mortgage Corp.(PMC) -  Private Equity & Capital Advisory -  Commercial Private Equity Specialist - Commercial Capital Specialist -  Commercial & Residential Mortgage Broker - My primary focus private & public companies seeking capital, commercial real estate developers seeking funding for their large cap shovel ready projects. I also have a secondary focus on commercial real estate acquisition finance,  re-finance, corporate business consulting, shells for reverse mergers, public listing facilitation, etc.

Pillar Mortgage Corp. - Founded in 1995 - 19 yrs. in Business & In Good Standing - Business Registration Number - 58249181 - I engage directly with project developers & principal owners seeking capital and act as a intermediary performing capital sourcing to find a project developer or  company a interested party that I am affiliated with that has expressed interest in funding their project  or capital needs subject to their reviews and structuring. The sources I am affiliated with are Banks, Commercial Lenders, Private Equity Firms, Underwriter groups, Investment Companies, etc.

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