Pillar Mortgage Corp - Commercial Mortgage Broker & Loan Advisory  
This is Siva Pillarisetty's Personal Web Site and I am Currently working for an institutional investor running their hedge fund and investment company making PIPE investments, capital market instrument acquisitions, convertible debenture investments, bringing on board new LP's for are Hedge Fund, etc.

Besides commercial funding, I have these viable services for non-shovel ready projects or other matters. I can still engage  by offering my clients these programs via one of my sources. You provide the data requested, we do an analysis, then give you a report. 

1) Capital Finding Strategies. 
2) Revenue Enhancement Strategies. 
3) Restructure and Transition Strategies. 
4) Real Estate Strategies. 
5) Intellectual Property Strategies. 
6) Precious Metal Strategies. 
7) Due Diligence Analysis. 
8) Feasibility Analysis. 
9) Dispute Resolution Analysis. 
10 Real Estate Development Analysis. 
11) Construction Analysis. 
12) Design Analysis. 
13) Company Status Reports. 
14) Angel Inspection Reports . 
15) Due Diligence Reports. 
16) Meeting Reports. 
17) Project Management 
18) Program Management 
19) Business Management 
20) Executive Team Management 
21) Project Plan.
22) Program Plan.
23) Merger Plan. 
24) Business Start Up Plan. 
25) Private Placement Plan. 
26) Not For Profit Plan 
27) Best Case Study, etc 

Do you have any existing real estate cases that may require testimony or research from an economic expert? I have these services  also.

Pillar Mortgage Corp was Incorporated &  Founded  in 1995 By Siva Pillarisetty - Currently commercial real estate developments that are seeking funding for their shovel ready qualified project is my main focus.

I have over 20yrs  real estate finance,commercial finance experience to bring to the table along with many relationships.
1) Large & Mega Cap Funding For Projects. 
2) Small Cap & Mid Cap Funding For Projects. 
3) Swiss & Merchant Private Banking, Leveraged Finance. 
4) Contract Funding & Monetization. 
5) Securities Finance & Asset Based Lending.
6) Factoring. 
7) Lease Finance. 
8) Sale Lease Back Investment. 
9) Merchant Advance Loans - Credit Line Based Credit Card Sales Revenue.
10) SBA Loans such as SBA7(a) - SBA 504
11) HUD loans such as FHA 223(a)(7), FHA221(d)(4), FHA 223(f), FHA 232, FHA 232/223(f), FHA 202/223(f), FHA 242.
12) Commercial Real Estate Hard Money Loans. 
13) Commercial Real Estate Soft Money Loans.
14) EBTIDA Based Lending For Small, Mid, Large Size Companies - MICRO Finance. 
15) Public Private Partnership Finance. 
16) Proven Technology Finance. 
17) Intellectual Property Finance. 
18) IPO, PPM, S-1 Filing Service, World Wide Exchange Listings Services, USA Hedge Fund Formation & PPM With Hedge Fund Software & More, Reg D & PPM Formation, Reg S & PPM Formation, NON USA BVI Hedge Fund Formation & PPM formation Hedge Fund Software & more.
19) Commercial Real Estate Bridge Loans. 
20) Land Loans for Commercial Development. 
21) Working Capital Loans. 
22) Construction Services. 
23) Construction Loans Secured By SBLC. 
24) Leased Instruments - SBLC, LOC, POF.
25) Business Bank Draft Lines of Credit.
26) Lines of Credit for Pubco's Based on ADV of Shares Traded OTC.  
27) Business Consulting.
28) Portfolio Lending.
29) Marketing Services.
30) Business Plan Formation & Re-writing
31) Proforma Creation
32) Trade Finance.
33) Staffing Finance.
34) Purchase Order Finance.
35) Inventory Finance.
36) Accounts Receivable Finance.
37) Acquisition Finance via Trust
38) Joint Venture, Private Equity.
39) USDA B & I.
40) Business Credit Cards.
41) Business Plan Writing Software.
42) Bond Structured Financing for Project Funding.
43) FNMA  Commercial.
44) FHLMC Commercial.
42) Mergers & Acquisitions Finance