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This is Siva Pillarisetty's Personal Web Site and I am Currently working for an institutional investor running their hedge fund and investment company making PIPE investments, capital market instrument acquisitions, convertible debenture investments, bringing on board new LP's for are Hedge Fund, etc.

Submission Format

Key factors:

A) Project Developer has to be Viable meaning heavily experienced. I should be able to see that developer has a web site that can show me completed projects, projects in construction, projects they are proposing to enter into development. Developer should have successful history of exit with profit, clean track record, no obligations that can't be overcome, etc. 

B) Developer has to be highly liquid, high net worth, etc. Most deals require at least 10% new monies to be put into the deal plus costs. 

C) Project has to be a sustainable development meaning that the earnings should be able to meet the requirements of the finance & exit structure, etc. Project should integrate into the community efficiently.

D) My sources wont do business in areas on unrest or bad economy, etc.


1) You should have land control. 
2) All entitlements in place.
3) Completed Current studies, reports, appraisals, etc.
4) All official construction plans, contracts & declarations with all 3rd parties , etc
5) Many others things I can go over with you. Can you put construction equipment on the ground today and start building?

Email the below listed info to: info@pillarmortgagecorp.com (Siva Pillarisetty)

1) Official business plan for project.
2) Executive summary & bios on principals.
3) Proforma - 5 - 10 yr projections is preferred.
4) Proof of Liquidity.
5) Indicate the amount of desired capital, along with what is owed and any other pertinent information such as 3rd party reports, studies, constructions plans & budget, etc. Also provide a detail of all monies spent on project.

Then we can start working towards getting you the initial  " Letter of Intent " (LOI) from my source. In most cases I can be the facilitator ( intermediary ) on projects discussed that need project funding. I will be handling the facilitation of funding for your projects through my sources as the " finder " that is registered or affiliated with the source. Facilitation in most cases will include a general understanding of my sources format & funding model used, background & history of my-self and my sources. I will also be handling on the front end the intake & consummation of all applications, agreements, and finally the compilation of primary file which in most cases would consist of executive summary, business plans, 5-1o yr projections, any 3rd party reports, financials, proof liquidity, etc. Then I will complete my review and analysis per my sources requirements to deem file as pre-qualified, and will formally request a Letter of Intent (LOI)/Term Sheet (TS) from my source, in other words handling the submission of file to my source for a formal request of conditional approval pending the outcome due diligence and underwriting. Once the LOI/TS issued, I will also handle the delivery of the of the LOI/TS, explanation of items on LOI/TS, answer any questions. Then a teleconference will be set up with my source to facilitate closing on the LOI/TS, at this point any questions can be asked directly to my source, edits( legal wording) can be performed on documents to work towards a executable copy. If a face to face meeting is required to secure a closing on LOI/TS, it can be arranged on a case by case basis. My fees are on a success basis when funding occurs for finding you a capital source, joint venture partner, etc. There are no upfront fees from me or my source to get the LOI/TS. If you choose to close on the LOI/TS these items such as will be listed -estimated rates, terms, fees, format, etc. Once we have a closing on the LOI/TS, meaning a full execution that is rendered, then the following would occur such as due diligence, underwriting, internal format structuring, external format structuring, etc. If a final approval is issued then funding would occur. My procedures and format may vary from source to source, but listed above, is a common general example, other formats may be simpler or more complex.